Bestnet VPN

Our mission is two enable users around the world to have secure, fast and vpn on their mobile phones, with just one tap.

Why Bestnet ?

Easy to use

All you need to use Bestnet VPN is to open the application and tap connect button.


Bestnet uses best servers around the world and can provide really fast connection.

Secure And Protected

Bestnet protects your data while your phone is connected to the Internet through public access points, via modem or through cellular data (wifi / 2G / 3G / 4G). It works as a free proxy, but much more secure. Your passwords and personal information will be safe even in the case of hacker attacks.


You can use Bestnet for free. Bestnet have Premium plan, which will provide you some functions as "Location change" and "No Ads" for cheap coast.

Ability to change virtual location

You are able to change you VPN location(location that can be tracked by ip address). Now our servers are located in such places that you can have fast VPN in any country, also in future we are planning to have servers everywhere, where it is possible.

Customer Support

Priority customer support for Premium users, our specialist are ready to answer any questions, and help to solve your problem as soon as it is possible.

With Bestnet you are able to change your virtual location. Now you are able to choose one of the 8 locations. This is Premium plan future. Buying premium plan you also remove ads and will have priority customer support and many other futures.

"If you feel tracked, it does not definitely mean that you are paranoid"

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